Applied Client Network UK Membership – What is it?
Membership to Applied Client Network UK allows Brokers who use TAMUK software to join an independent user group set up many years ago, under the name of Team-One but recently rebranded as Applied Client Network UK, by fellow brokers to help one another use the software to its best potential. Primarily it is a means to share knowledge and skills in an informal group whilst benefiting from a close relationship with Applied Systems UK and their expertise. Executive members also gain from preferential product and training rates.

2 Tier Membership:-

All users of TAMUK software are automatically enrolled as Associate Members of Applied Client Network UK and will be encouraged to take up full or ‘Executive’ Membership. All existing Team-One members are classed as Executive Members and will continue to have all their current benefits plus all the additional ones we have secured for 2015.

Associate Members have access to Newsletters and scheme librairies, but will have to pay to attend User Group meetings, Conferences and training events. They will have limited access to the website and training advice.

Executive Members have an extensive package of Member benefits that could save your Company around £700 or more . There are many benefits and that will help your organisation save money and be more efficient.

Executive membership is available at 2 pricing levels based on broker size

Companies with under 5 employees – Membership fee is £15 per month
Companies with over 5 employees    – Membership fee is £30 per month

See below for details and contact our administrator to find out more.

Associate Members

  • Access to one Applied Client Network UK meeting a year
  • Pay as you go on other training events and the annual conference
  • Access to the facilities library
  • Invitation to working product meetings

For more benefits why not upgrade to EXECUTIVE………

Executive Members

  • Up to 12 FREE training events per annum
  • Up to 20 educational webinars per annum with priority booking for members
  • 12.5% discount off Applied Systems products  (upfront costs only, excludes monthly fees and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion)
  • 5% discount off Applied Systems UK online Quote and Buy products
  • Additional seasonal offers on Applied Systems UK products
  • Discounted rates for annual educational conference
  • FREE access to user group meetings
  • Exclusive price of £99 for Credit Card Payment Process set up – saving you up to 90%!
  • Free SQL 6 reports bundle – worth £600
  • Access to archived educational material
  • Broker representation – Applied Client Network UK act as a liaison between brokers and Applied Systems UK
  • Priority invitation to product working parties
  • Advertise your schemes/facilities to other members online
  • Opportunity to stand as a committee member
  • Access to UK LinkedIn user group
  • Opportunity to attend one-to-one clinics with Applied Systems UK at conferences to address specific software issues
  • Full access to Applied Client Network Community/Forums
  • Access to “on demand” educational webinars

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