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The global leader in secure and certified electronic communications, RPost has helped businesses enhance their security, compliance, and productivity for more than a decade. RPost is the creator of the patented Registered Email™ technology, which provides email senders with Legal Proof®, evidence of delivery, time of delivery, and exact message content in the form of a Registered Receipt™ email record. Since inventing Registered Email technology in 2000, RPost has successfully commercialised software platforms to track, prove, e-sign, and encrypt and it is used by more than 25 million people throughout the world.

Standard email isn’t secure enough for business today, that’s why there’s RMail.

RPost’s software platforms cover the main electronic business processes: email, electronic signatures, electronic forms, and electronic postal services, with full Integration options for Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Gmail. Each platform can also be integrated into any software system for workflow and business process enhancement.

RMail – all-in-one secure email extension. RMail adds simple-to-use open tracking, legal delivery proof, email encryption, electronic signatures, large file transfers, and more to users’ existing email accounts.

RSign – web-based electronic signature service. RSign makes it easy to prepare and securely send any document to be signed electronically by anyone, anywhere, and on almost any device.

RForms – full-service solution for enterprise forms automation. RForms enables any form to be filled, signed, saved, and submitted electronically, with options to automatically extract form data to populate a database.

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